Transportation by road

Transportation by road is one of the most optimum alternative of cargo delivery.




    Calculation of the cost of transportation

    There is no need to coordinate the time limits with the schedule of railway, air, maritime or river traffic. It is possible to find, load and deliver the goods any day and any time.

    Nevertheless, organizing road haulage all alone/with no outside help is not an easy task, let alone organizing the carriage of DANGEROUS goods. This is the task of real professionals only.

    Carriage of dangerous goods requires:

    • Analysis of dangerous goods (UN number, packing group, (product) compatibility and more)
    • Selection of transport based on the analysis
    • Coordination of the route of vehicle (fitted) with dangerous goods in some cases
    • Compliance with the requirements of ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road)

    To comply with all requirements, extensive training and a security advisor are required.

    We have been engaged in the carriage/transit of dangerous goods across Russia and in international traffic for over 15 years.

    Our staff includes a Security Consultant with a certificate from the RF Ministry of Transportation.

    All employees of our company are trained and are glad to help you carry out the transportation of any consignment of dangerous goods in compliance with all the requirements of the ADR convention.