FEA outsourcing


  • Development of own business;
  • Absence of currency risks;
  • Reducing logistics costs;
  • Purity of the foreign trade transaction;
  • Optimization of resources to solve the problems of your company.

    Calculation of the cost of transportation

    ARTEL provides the client with a full range of services related to foreign economic processes.
    We take care of all issues, interactions with logistics operations and foreign suppliers. The client from Russia only needs to conclude an agreement with our company, pay for the cost of cargo, logistics and outsourcing services. Further, all processes with foreign companies, currency transactions, organization of transportation, customs clearance fall on us!

    Import and export in Russia under sanctions in 2022

    The world is rapidly changing, road maps are being redrawn, import and export conditions are changing, sanctions and counter-sanctions complicate and destroy economic ties that have been established for years and decades. Under these conditions, the independent organization of the import and export of any product from the country entails, at a minimum, unplanned costs and delays in deliveries, and, at a maximum, risks of loss and blocking of cargo, etc. This is especially true for imports from Europe, the USA, and Japan.

    In the new economic and political realities, it is necessary to build logistics routes from scratch, look not only for countries (and ports) that are transit countries for the import of sanctioned goods, and goods and equipment from unfriendly countries, but also for reliable partners, and this is much more difficult. Most foreign carriers and cargo companies are, one way or another, vulnerable to potential sanctions and blocking by the United States and unfriendly countries, and cannot act as a reliable counterparty. In addition, the “crooked” paperwork can create difficulties when importing and passing through customs in the Russian Federation. The only rational way out of this situation is to transfer the tasks and risks of import-export of products (especially dangerous goods) to a professional logistics operator.

    Logistic outsourcing of foreign economic activity in Moscow, Russian Federation

    Outsourcing of tasks for foreign economic activity – delegation of business processes in terms of import and export, including work with customs authorities of a specialized logistics company. Our company is ready to act as a financial intermediary and technical importer/exporter in a transaction between a client in Russia and a supplier of goods abroad. Even in difficult economic conditions, we continue to import from China, India, Europe, USA, Turkey, Southeast Asia.

    Principles of foreign economic activity outsourcing by Artel:
    – We work for the result, we take upon ourselves the solution of all problems, all bureaucratic aspects;
    – Full cargo escort “from warehouse to warehouse”;
    – A package of documents, absolutely “white” design;
    – Personal manager on call 24/7;
    – Insurance of any risks.

    For more information on this service, please contact our specialists.