Railway transportation

Railway transportation are becoming increasingly popular these days.

This type of cargo delivery over long distances is LESS COSTLY than transportation by road, SAFER and ECO FRIENDLY.


    Calculation of the cost of transportation

    Why is it becoming so popular?

    Firstly, railway transportation from Moscow to Khabarovsk or Vladivostok costs much less transportation by road. Delivery time is longer, but this way of transportation is more economical.

    Secondly, it provides strict delivery time compliance and delivery of goods with unfailing regularity.

    Thirdly, the railway is not as often influenced by weather conditions as the high way is not as often subject to changes in weather conditions as the motor road (snowdrifts, slick roads, rain and so on)

    Fourthly, carrying capacity. More than 20 tons of cargo can be loaded into a railway wagon or container. Transportation by road is most often limited to 20 tons.


    The railway transportation of dangerous goods is regulated by the Rules for Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail, Annex 2 to the Agreement on International Goods Transport by Rail, and it is premised on special arrangements between the Commonwealth member States and countries which railways are not members of the SMGS (Agreement on International Goods Transport by Rail).

    All employees of our company are trained and are glad to help you carry out the transportation of any consignment of dangerous goods in compliance with all the requirements of the Annex 2 to the Agreement on International Goods Transport by Rail.