Carriage by sea

The main purpose of carriage by sea is large tonnage deliveries of goods on a worldwide scale (between continents), therefore, international shipping legislation is well developed in many countries conducting international business.

Despite the fact that the leading positions in the structure of cargo transportation have been reserved for a long time by cargo ships /carrying mainly raw materials (oil, ores and so on), the proportion of containerships is steadily growing.

    Calculation of the cost of transportation

    Advantages of container shipping by sea:

    • The lowest cost of all possible options for such distances.
    • The possibility of groupage cargo preparation, if such a service is provided by a transport company.
    • Well-developed schemes of transportation and completion of customs formalities.
    • The transportation of various types of cargo is also possible, including proper temperature control.
    • After the container is delivered to the port, it can be reloaded to another mode of transport without unloading the contents, which accelerates the processes of loading and unloading the goods.


    The carriage of dangerous goods by sea is regulated by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code) which the Russian Federation has ratified.

    We have gathered considerable experience in the international transportation of dangerous goods by sea and it’s a pleasure for us to help you carry out sea transportation of any consignment of dangerous goods.