International transportation

  • Dangerous goods
  • General cargo
  • Containers
  • Equipment
  • Bulk cargo
  • Liquid cargo

    Calculation of the cost of transportation

    International logistics involves solving of a wide range of complex tasks that directly determine the timing, cost and safety of the process. We carefully work out the route of international transportation to and from Russia, select a suitable vehicle, advise on the preparation of the necessary documentation (including for customs procedures). We do not refuse even the most difficult tasks. We work on them and offer solutions for our clients.

    When delivering dangerous goods to international destinations, it is necessary to take into account a whole range of legal acts of various levels:
    1 – international agreements,
    2 – the legislation of the Russian Federation,
    3 – the national legislation of the countries through which the route will pass,
    4 – the prevailing practice in the field.
    The cumulative use of all four normative-practical bases guarantees flawless and timely delivery.

    Over the past 2 years, the transportation market in Russia and abroadnhas experienced several transformations: epidemiological closure of borders and countries, restructuring of established routes, a multiple increase in the cost of shipping, international conflicts, sanctions and counter-sanctions. All this, of course, hit not only the final cost, but also the efficiency of international transportation. With all this, the transportation market was able to adapt to new conditions and offered alternative schemes and new opportunities. We take into account constantly changing and supplementing regulations and practices. We are absolutely sure that our 17 years of transportation experience will be in demand and useful for your tasks!

    The principal differences of our company in the organization of transportation of hazardous substances:
    – complex organization of international transport of dangerous goods on a turnkey basis, including customs and clearance;
    – individual approach and solutions, we work not only with B2B, but also with B2G;
    – we work within strictly stipulated terms, we calculate in advance all the options and possible difficulties and reactions to them;
    – correctness in the preparation of accompanying documentation for dangerous goods;
    – a generated map of the movement of vehicles transporting dangerous goods, worked out routes (including customs points);
    – cargo and civil liability insurance of vehicle owners;
    – informing 24 hours a day about the location of the cargo (GPS determination), date and time of arrival at the point of delivery.

    According to our assessment, the following directions of international transportation are currently the most relevant: China, India, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Europe. In the new realities, Russian companies continue to reorient themselves towards suppliers and partners from Southeast Asia, and cargo traffic is also changing. With all this, the geography of cargo delivery by our company is still 125 countries.