Air transportation

Air transportation is one of the fastest types of carriage of dangerous goods, but also one of the most complex.

The rules for the transportation of dangerous goods by air are regulated by the International Civil Aviation Organization – ICAO and the Air laws regulations of the Russian Federation.

    Calculation of the cost of transportation

    Freight owners often face multiple challenges during shipment of dangerous goods for transport by air, specifically:

    1) The list of dangerous goods prohibited for air transportation is quite extensive, and it is regularly updated.

    2) Incorrect execution of documents required to air transportation of dangerous goods (declarations, material safety data sheets and so on)

    3) Improper labeling of dangerous goods

    It’s a pleasure for us to consult you on all the finer points of transporting dangerous goods by air and we will take on the task of organizing such a COMPLEX, but at the same time the FASTEST type of transportation.